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A Thrilling Experience at Cosmos Mystery Area

Once you enter the Cosmos Mystery Area, all laws of nature and physics appear to be suspended. Water flows up hill, tall people appear shorter than their smaller friends and what appears to be measured level is not. the Cosmos Mystery Area is a must-see for anyone visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota. You'll find this mysterious swath of land off Highway 385 in Keystone, SD. Come explore its secrets with us!


The history of this place is as unique as the place itself. In 1952, two college boys searched the Black Hills looking for a perfect spot to build a summer cabin. While exploring, they stumbled into the mysterious world of the Cosmos. This area is the strangest location in the entire Black Hills.
The old cabin areas in the Cosmos Mystery Area especially piqued their interest as logic and physics laws seemed to be turned upside-down. However, they continued to experiment and develop the demonstrations until they eventually opened their discovery to the public in 1953.

Geode Mine

One of the famous attractions in Cosmos Mystery Area is geode hunting. All you need to do is pick up a hand spade and start digging for your very own geode. Once you find one, take it over to our special hydraulic press to crack open your newly discovered treasure. You will be amazed at the beauty of naturally formed crystals inside!

Mystery House

The Mystery House provides a one-of-a-kind experience that will create unforgettable and fun memories. Once you enter the Cosmos Mystery Area, everything will be unique and weird, leaving you spellbound. Water flows uphill, tall people appear shorter than their smaller friends and what seems to be measured level is not. When you go further inside the Mystery House, you will have a chance to walk up a wall, be mysteriously pulled sideways when hanging perfectly straight from a rafter, and experience other incredible physical forces and demonstrations that can only be seen at the Cosmos Mystery Area.
A Few Things to Remember before you plan to buy the Mystery House or Geode Mine tickets,
Children 4 years and younger are free with an adult.
Tours are approximately 40 minutes long.
Free parking
Picnic Benches & Ice Cream Stand are available. Please note that the Cosmos tour is not wheelchair or stroller accessible and is not recommended for people with balance issues. Moreover, you cannot bring your pets on the tour path. 
Visit Rapid City, SD, and experience for yourself what continues to amaze and baffle visitors for 67 years. Enjoy a thrilling experience that you will never forget.

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