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Want to Discover the Hidden Gem of Keystone, SD? Try Rushmore Tramway Adventures

Aerial Adventure Park Aerial Adventure Park is one of the most popular attractions in Black Hills, SD. You have eight different Aerial Park courses to choose from. Through the adventure, you'll be climbing log ladders, riding zip lines, traversing suspected bridges, and balancing along with cables through the forest.

Alpine Slide Recognized as one of the best-maintained Alpine slides in the US, the 2000-foot slide offers a thrilling experience to young kids and adults. It features two parallel tracks with wheeled sleds that face high-banked turns and dips through the slide. The most exciting part is you can control your speed using a handbrake.

Scenic Chair lift If you’re somewhat interested in the jaw-dropping views of the beautiful Black Hills and Mount Rushmore, you don’t want to miss the scenic chairlift at Rushmore Tramway Adventures. You’ll float through the air and be one with nature till you reach the mountain-top. People of all ages can board the chairlift and connect with nature.
Jump TowerIf you've dreamed about free-falling, Rushmore Tramway Adventures’ Jump Tower is the perfect attraction for you. All you need to do is go up to the 60-ft high tower and walk off the ledge to experience a 25-foot free fall. Once you’ve enjoyed your jump, the braking system will help you land safely on the ground.

800ft. Zip LineThe zip line offers a speed of almost 40 mph and is a great way to prove yourself in front of your friends and family. Of course, you can slow down or stop using ZipStop, a robust magnetic braking system.

Tubing HillRushmore Tramway Adventures’ Tubing Hill is a 450-foot long ride designed for all ages above four years. Tubers can choose any of the four lanes and cruise down over bumps and whoops as they approach the bottom.

Mountain Top Grille. Finally, the Mountain Top Grille at Rushmore Tramway Adventures overlooks Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills National Forest. Whether it’s about dining or relaxing outdoors, the meticulously maintained flower gardens make the grille a fantastic spot to enjoy with family and friends.
To sum it up, Rushmore Tramway Adventure is your ultimate destination to escape from reality when you visit Keystone, SD.

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